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JLG Self-Leveling Boom

JLG is a global producer of aerial work platforms and telehandlers. The Self-Leveling Boom site was created to promote the new 670SJ Self-Leveling Boom. This project was a collaboration between myself and another developer. I handled setting up the Next.js framework, site structure, and the majority of the site's pages while the other developer focused on the Master Your Terrain component. After the initial site launched I started on a second phase of development to add translations.


Screenshot of MemorialCare Website

Home Page

The home page features a full-bleed looping background video. Both the background video and the primary graphic switch out depending on the user's viewport width.

Screenshot of MemorialCare Website


Since the site is being promoted in the UK, North America and South America translation was needed. For tooling I used the Next.js internationalized routing system to handle page URLs and detecting the user's preferred language. For translating the site's content I used next-translate. Using those two tools I was able to produce a robust and flexible translation system.